Xamarin Hack Day Talks, Thanks and Retrospective

In June this year I put together a Xamarin hack day(with some amazing help by SSW)  in Sydney. The idea of the Hack Day was to get Sydney’s most experienced Xamarin professionals and people who want to learn Xamarin together for a day of learning and loving Xamarin. The day started with some presentations on various Xamarin technology’s and then the attendees sat down with their laptops to code with the help of the Xamarin experts.

The vibe of the day was great as everyone was very helpful towards each other and attendees were able to help each other.

People are doing amazing things in Xamarin, we all know this but the problem is that we’re all so busy making great products that we don’t get the time to share notes and that’s why I wanted to start the Xamarin hack day. Thanks to SSW the Xamarin hack day has become even more than I expected, it’s now global. Xamarin hack day events will be hosed worldwide including Brisbane, Melbourne, Hong Kong and more. Visit the Xamarin Hack Day website to find out more details on locations.

I would like to thank the experts and presenters Filip, Alec, Geoffrey, David and Rod. I’d also like to thank Adam Cogan and the SSW team for hosting the event and the huge amount of effort they put into the website. A big thank you to all the attendees who made the day a success.

We’re always taking feedback and improving the days for the attendees, so future hack days are only going to get better. I’ve embedded the videos below for your viewing pleasure.

Please sign up for the next Hack Day at http://xamarinhackday.com/


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