FreshMvvm n=3: Navigation in FreshMvvm

Here’s the next video in the  FreshMvvm n+1 series. The idea of this series is to get the video’s out to the eager listeners (you) as quickly as possible, therefore these videos are done live with almost no editing.

Episode Title: n=3: Navigation in FreshMvvm

In this episode we discuss:

  • Review FreshMvvm’s built in Navigation Abilities
  • Understand how navigation works in FreshMvvm

I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    I might have left a comment before, I’m not sure 🙂 In any case hi! And great work on FreshMvvm. Me and my devteam are giving your FreshMvvm a go. We are just getting started with Xamarin and still trying to figure out the best dev setup. Any advice on weather or not to stick to VMFusion/Visual Studio (2015) or just go for native MBPro/Xamarin Studio will be greatly appreciated. My guess is native Mac/XS is best?

    I really like the simplification and the PageModel->Page that FreshMvvm provides, but I am running into some problems trying to customise it. A fairly simple question that would help me a bunch is on how to change the colors of the navigation pages. For example a FreshMasterDetailNavigationContainer, which has the top of the screen reserved for the menu and < back navigation options. I've been trying to find out where to change the colors/theme for it for a day now and I can't find it!
    Any help or advice will be most welcome!

    Let me know if you'd like to help us out.
    Cheers in advance,


  2. Hi Michael,

    I’m currently implementing an app with Xamarin.Forms for all three platforms. Looks good so far using your FreshMvvm-Framework.
    I need some details in my app (geolocation, calendar, a password-EntryCell and some more).
    Maybe XLabs.Forms would be a good choice, but I’m not sure if it’s IoC-Logic conflicts with FreshMVVM’s (honestly, I don’t like the idea of having multiple IoC-Providers in one application).
    Can you say if it’s possible without problems to combine them?

    Thanks, Sascha

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