Hack Day Sydney – 6/12/14 – call for presentations!

It’s nearly that time again! The 6/12/14 will be the next Xamarin Hack Day in Sydney.

This time we’re going to have two tracks a ‘introductory’ and a ‘advanced’ track. We need presenters for both.

I’ve included a basic layout below:


The introductory will have a similar format to the latest one in Brisbane.


I’m keen to hear about any type of presentation. It could be Xamarin.Forms, Windows Phone, Android/iOS, deployment, CI, F#, C#, ReactiveUI, Mono, IDE etc.

If you want to present twitter me @rid00z or email me here: http://www.michaelridland.com/about/

If you want to attend then signup at the website.

ps, if your in Melbourne there’s a hack day in the weekend before 29/11/14. 


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