SlideOverKit is now free and open source

I would like to announce that SlideOverKit for Xamarin.Forms is now Free and Open Source.

It’s been two months since SlideOverKit was released and the ‘business plan’ was to have the component as premium component for Xamarin.Forms. A component that we would invest in developing, people would purchase and we would continue developing. Since this release something was bugging me, I was frustrated because not enough people were buying and using the component. We had put alot of effort in building this component and we wanted people to use it.

One of my most enjoyable projects in recent years has been the successful FreshMvvm for Xamarin.Forms, it’s amazing to see people use (and love) something that you’ve built. It’s really good to now be a Contributor to open source not just a consumer, in the past I’ve help fix bugs in jquery mobile but nothing as serious FreshMvvm.

There’s been so many open source projects that I’ve loved developing with like, jquery, UserDialogs, MvvmCross etc, etc. I hope that one day people will use and love SlideOverKit also.

So please feel free to consume and contribute.


….. Fingers crossed Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms are also to follow on the open source path ….




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  1. Curious if there is a way to have multiple SlideMenuView objects on a page and simply set SlideMenu to the appropriate view as necessary. I can’t seem to get this to work. It always shows the SlideMenu set in the constructor (and throws an exception if SlideMenu is not set in constructor)

    1. We can do this for the PopOver but not currently for the slide over. It’s possible but we would need to implement the feature.

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