WWDC 2015 for a Xamarin Developer n+1 Series


How much can happen in a week? … well a lot, last week I was honoured to be announced as a Xamarin MVP, I purchased my first Apple Watch and… I’ve been lucky enough to win a golden ticket for the Apple World Wide Developers conference (WWDC). When I say win I mean pay apple $1999 AUD for the privilege to attend the conference. The ‘winning’ part is that there’s 9 million apple developers and many thousands apply to attend, so apple have a lottery in which attendee’s are selected at random.

WWDC is on June 8th – June 12th 2015, in San Francisco and will take place at Moscone West. There’s likely to be some new software announcements for iOS and OSX, possibly some more watch features and maybe even a 4K Apple TV. There’s over 100 technical sessions, 1000’s of apple engineers, hands-on labs and the apple design awards.

As an engineer I’m really keen to attend the technical sessions and get my hands dirty with some hands-on labs, maybe a little swift to c# conversion will be in order.

Given that I’ve been lucky enough to win a ticket to WWDC this year I thought it would only be fair if I shared the journey with other Xamarin developers. I’ll be giving daily overviews of different announcements and if possible providing technical detail from the conference, converting the swift applications into C# and F#.

This series of posts will be named ‘WWDC for a Xamarin Developer n+1’… Stay tuned… I think we’ll have some fun!


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