Announcing SlideOverKit for Xamarin.Forms

I’m very happy to announce XAM Consulting’s first Premium component release, SlideOverKit for Xamarin.Forms. As I’ve discussed before at XAM Consulting we have a goal to contribute to the Xamarin ecosystem and help companies build great things, our premium components are one part of this goal.

This component is something we’ve been working on for a while after being frustrated with the lack of high quality sliders in Xamarin.Forms.

This component is flexible enough to create any type of Slider you might like, some examples might be a Large Menu that slides from the top of the screen, a small draggable context menu from the right/bottom of the screen or even a right side master detail. There’s a large amount of options that you can tweak to allow you to get your menu looking just right. In this component we’ve done all the slider code in Native (eg we’ve done the hard native work), this means that the component is… 1) it’s super quick 2) you don’t need to use the slow Xamarin.Forms layouts 3) the touch/gesture support is very smooth.

In some ways we would love to give it away for free but after consideration we would prefer to offer a higher quality product with support rather than a half finished product with no support, hence why it’s a ‘Premium Component’. If you would like to read more about our thoughts in regards to pricing components please take a look at this blog post on Pricing Xamarin.Forms Components.

SlideOverKit is available in nuget right now and is available for purchase @ $100 USD. Please head over the the SlideOverKit for Xamarin.Forms website to get more details on how to get started. We have a github repository with a bunch of samples for the component.

Take a look below to see some of the awesome options available for the SlideOverKit.

So check it out SlideOverKit for Xamarin.Forms.

So check it out SlideOverKit for Xamarin.Forms.

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