New Xamarin.Forms eCourse

I’ve been blessed in my career, having the opportunity to join the Xamarin world over 4 years ago. In my 4 years of Xamarin I’ve been able to publish over 8 Xamarin Applications into the App Stores and work on million dollar Xamarin projects. I’ve been a Xamarin.Forms fan since its first release and released many Xamarin.Forms applications into production. I know that there’s been many developers that haven’t had the same success with Xamarin.Forms. In some cases this could be an issue with Xamarin.Forms or an incorrect application of Xamarin.Forms but the truth is ‘anything that can be done in a Native application can be done in a Xamarin.Forms application’ and faster.

After seeing the potential of Xamarin.Forms and diving in head first I now have an amazing amount of knowledge about developing real world applications with Xamarin.Forms. Considering this I’ve decided to share this knowledge with the world.

Without further ado I’m now announcing my first ever eCourse – ‘The Secrets of a Xamarin.Forms Ninja’.

If you haven’t picked it up the Ninja part is inspired from a book named ‘Secrets of the Javascript Ninja’. I felt this naming was very appropriate as the book and my course have the same goal… to teach the secrets that can only be learnt from years developing production applications.

At the moment this course is in a planning stage, so if you would like to be notified on it’s release please sign up below.


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